ReMaTecNews’ Remanufacturer of the Year Award is the most prestigious honour in remanufacturing. Founded in 2005 and now in its 15th year, the prize is given to a person or business that has served automotive remanufacturing with particular distinction. Over its lifetime the award has celebrated the achievements of some of the reman industry’s preeminent names. Within the industry it is considered a major accolade.

At a time when green issues, conservation of resources, recycling and environmental responsibility are at the forefront of public concerns, the award is intended to highlight the huge commercial and environmental benefits of remanufacturing.

Competing in categories, the RotY awards 2019 will be awarded on 23 June 2019 during the opening ceremony of ReMaTec 2019 in Amsterdam.


10 May 2019 Final deadline for completed entries
15 May 2019 All entries available for review by jury
23 June 2019 Announcement Remanufacturer of the Year Award 2019 
 Award Winners RotY 2018

Jury comment on winners RotY Award 2018

“For an independent company, it’s a feat to pull this off: it’s pretty remarkable” - Autocraft Drivetrain Solutions Ltd. (Best Process Optimalisation)

“Business model innovation with 100% focus on customers: the 24-hour order to delivery process and three-year warranty are mega-impressive” - Shin-Etsu Denso Co.(Best Reman Business Innovations)

“What will make a difference to the reman industry is to have a lot of people like Thijs - he’s a great example” - Thijs Jasink, Alec GmbH. (Best Reman Ambassador)

Award winners from previous years

2018: Autocraft Drivetrain Solutions Ltd (Best Reman Process Optimisation)
          Shin-Etsu Denso Co (Best Reman Business Innovation)
          Alec GmbH, Thijs Jasink (Best Reman Ambassador)
2017: Salvador Munoz Zarate, WABCO Reman Solutions & Peter Bartel, C-ECO 
2016: Rolf Steinhilper
2015: Søren Toft-Jensen, Borg Automotive
2014: Jack Stack, SRC Holding
2013: Alan Smart, ATP
2012: Doug Wolma, Meritor
2011: Philippe James, Remy Automotive Europe
2010: Francois Augnet, TRW
2009: Carsen Bücker, BU Drive Group
2008: Johan van Gerven, MRT Engines
2007: Martin Detzen, MD Rebuilt
2006: Alexander Schäfer, MS Motor Service Int.
2005: Jens Lindholm, Holger Christiansen

RotY Awards

Categories RotY awards 2019

1.The best Reman Process Optimisation: The organisation that has realised the most outstanding process improvement results to (a part of) a remanufacturing process in the past twelve months.

2.The best Reman Business Innovation: The organisation that has realised the most outstanding business model related to remanufacturing industry in the past twelve months.

3.The best Reman Ambassador:  The organisation or individual that has most significantly contributed to the general awareness and/or acceptance of remanufactured products.


Award Ceremony


What? The Remanufacturer of the Year Awards Ceremony 2019
Who? Open to all remanufacturing professionals
When? During the opening ceremony on Sunday 23 June 2019 
Where? ReMaTec Theater at ReMaTec 2019 


ReMaTec Winners Reman of the year Award winners RotY 2018


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Adam Hill
Chairman of the jury, Editor of ReMaTecNews UK

+44 1322 612062
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Erik Sundin
Senior Lecturer & associate Professor at Linköping University Sweden

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Volker Schittenhelm
Corporate Member of FIRM Brussels

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Tessa van Vlaanderen
Founder of Circular Futures USA

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Felix Feuerbach
Co-founder and Shareholder of Kemény Boehme & company Germany

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Peter Bartel
Board Member of APRA Europe, Belgium