ReMaTec welcomes wind energy professionals to attend The 1st International Forum on Wind Turbine Remanufacturing. The Forum supports and energises the movement towards sustainable end-of-life solutions and connects wind power leaders with their counterparts in automotive remanufacturing.

Wind Turbine Remanufacturing: Untapped Potential

With a total installed wind capacity of over 550,000 MW in the world, and rapidly expanding market, the repowering market is also booming. But what happens to existing pre-owned turbines? The oldest wind turbines have been in operation for more than 30 years; remanufacturing offers new business opportunities, for both new and replacement markets, in which Europe can lead the way. This makes remanufacturing of wind turbines the ultimate green solution.

Preliminary programme 

What will you learn?

Benefits and Terminology
What exactly is a remanufacturing process?
How does it differ from repair and refurbish?

Best Practices from the Automotive Industry

How has the automotive industry created a flourishing remanufacturing industry?
What are the best practices from the automotive reman industry to be applied to wind energy?

Installed Base Assessment

Which part of the current wind energy installed base qualifies for remanufacturing?

Business Opportunities

Which markets are adaptive tohigh qualitypre-owned wind turbines?

When and Where?

Date & time
25 june 2019

RAI Amsterdam
ReMaTec 2019 

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Who should attend?

 Wind Farm Owners: 
Remanufacturing enhances residual value of used wind turbines;

Original Equipment Manufacturers: 
Remanufacturing offers new business approaches;

O&M service providers: 
Remanufacturing means potential expansion of their scope of services;

Suppliers of pre-owned wind turbines: 
Remanufacturing means the best quality in the second hand market;

Buyers of pre-owned wind turbines:
Remanufactured turbines are the best value for money in the pre-owned turbine market;

R&D and Consultancy:
Inspiration for relevant R&D priorities and meeting research needs;

Input for creating a circular economy;

Steering Committee

H.J.M. (Jos) Beurskens 
SET Analytics

D. (David) Fitszimons 
European Remanufacturing Council

H. (Henk) Lagerwey 
Lagerwey Wind

M. (Marc) Langelaar 
ECN part of TNO

L.M. (Leo) Schot 
Leo Schot Advisory

(Arjen) Schutten 
Holland Home of Wind Energy

Support for remanufacturing in the wind energy industry

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