Huadu Worldwide Transmission is a remanufacturing company located in Guangzhou Huadu District. It was founded in 1998 and was one of the first 14 companies included in the National Development and Reform Commission’s remanufacturing pilot programme in 2008. The company provides services around transmission boxes (power/automotive/gearboxes), such as testing, maintenance, remanufacturing, tech support and training. Huadu Worldwide owns ten repair centres, three service centres and one factory that produces 35,000 remanufactured units per year.

The company has established effective channels for collection and distribution of used and remanufactured transmission boxes. It has been authorised by more than 30 major auto companies such as GM, JATCO and PSA to provide maintenance services through the 4S dealership system, a widespread ‘one-stop shop’ for sales, service, spare parts and surveys. Meanwhile, the company collects 60% of its total second hand transmission boxes through 4S stores, with the rest coming from repair shops, consumers and used auto parts dealerships. 

To ensure product quality, Huadu’s technicians typically go through hundreds of hours of training. The remanufactured products are insured by Pingan, the biggest insurance company in China, which greatly enhances consumers’ trust. Huadu is one of the few companies qualified to receive the 'Trade Old for Remanufactured' subsidy, a project led by NDRC and the State Council since 2013. The scheme is funded by the government and grants a 10% discount to consumers who trade in their old transmission boxes for a remanufactured one.

The excursion takes place on 13 October 2019.

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