BIG R gets to grips with electric

  • November 21, 2017
  • ReMaTec
  • Technical

The rise of electric vehicles – and the potential impact of this on remanufacturing companies - was the talk of the exhibition floor at the International Big R Show in Las Vegas, reveals APRA president Joe Kripli (right). Recent announcements from manufacturers and governments suggest that the days of the internal combustion engine are numbered. Volvo, for example, said it would only produce vehicles with electric motors from 2019 (ReMaTecNews August/September 2017) and various national governments and city authorities have talked about incentivising electric and hybrid vehicles. The trend will require remanufacturers to learn new skills. “Everybody’s trying to get their head around it, about how the world is going to change dramatically,” Kripli told ReMaTecNews. “It really is interesting – and somewhat shocking! People are thinking ahead.” A world primarily containing electric drive motors and batteries to remanufacture will certainly be a change from today’s automotive reman environment. “That was the buzz,” says Kripli. “We either have to adapt and start looking at new ways of doing things, or be out of business. The excitement is more about larger-dollar components. To reman an inverter may be $1,000 instead of a component that’s $100.” There is a question mark over the longevity of components for electric and hybrid engines, Kripli added. “How far are these components going to go?” Things are also changing at Big R, which is moving from Las Vegas to Atlanta next year, co-locating with NACE Automechanika. “Automechanika takes us more directly to repair shops,” Kripli concludes. “We’re excited about it.”

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