CEC launches open circular economy database

  • June 21, 2018
  • ReMaTec
  • Circular economy

Not-for-profit networking group Circular Economy Club (CEC) has launched a global, open-sourced database. The aim is to allow people in the circular economy to find out more about what other advocates are doing and to connect with them more easily. CEC, founded by Anna Tarí, says it now has 2,600 members (individuals and organisations) in 60 countries, and the new database showcases 3,000 circular economy-related initiatives. In February the CEC held its ‘Circular Economy Mapping Week’, which tried to pin down what projects were happening, and where. The new database is the fruit of that research and Tarí believes the data that has been gleaned will point to areas where more co-ordination and communication can be improved. Anyone wanting to get involved can do so at www.circulareconomyclub.com

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