Honda Scope 3 Emissions Tell New Story

  • February 14, 2017
  • ReMaTec News
  • Technical Trends

The carbon emissions of automotive manufacturers are significantly higher when all emissions related to their activities are taken into account, finds the ET Global Carbon Rankings. ET Index Research’s examination of carbon efficiency among the world’s 2,000 largest listed firms looks at ‘Scope 3’ emissions, which are over and above a company’s direct emissions – although few companies actually disclose these indirect emissions themselves. “For example, Honda’s carbon intensity is 43 times higher when you consider consumer use of its vehicles and other Scope 3 emissions,” says Sam Gill, co-founder and chief executive of ET Index Research. “It is virtually impossible to imagine a scenario in which carbonintensive companies, across the entire value chain, are not penalised after the Paris Agreement.” Companies are certainly likely to come under greater pressure over carbon emissions in future following the signing of the Paris Agreement two years ago. The US is a signatory, although it is not yet clear whether new president Donald Trump will attempt to reverse the country’s position.