LBM Autoparts invests in the future

  • August 03, 2017
  • ReMaTec News
  • Business

Swedish firm LBM Autoparts is to invest around €1 million in building new premises at Gesällgatan in Stenungsund. The new facility will comprise 1,000m² of offices, training premises, a warehouse with five times the current warehouse capacity for LBM - and larger workshop areas for Swedish Transmission & Motor (STM), an affiliate that offers testing and reman services for transmissions. Construction has begun and the companies’ CEO Erik Stålebo says they may be able to move in early next year. LBM has also launched a new e-commerce portal. “We’re a very traditional business but you need to see a little into the future,” Stålebo told ReMaTecNews. “It needs to be simple for the customer to purchase parts – that’s the number one thing. You want to sit with your iPhone – that’s the least we can do as a parts supplier.” The ability to find parts and place orders 24/7 means that remanufacturing companies need not spend valuable time on calls during the busiest hours in the workshop, LBM says.

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