Priming Scotland’s circular economy

  • January 25, 2018
  • ReMaTec
  • Circular Economy

The £18m Circular Economy Investment Fund, administered by Zero Waste Scotland, is open to Scottish SMEs and can include remanufacturing processes across many sectors including automotive and renewable energy. One recent beneficiary of the fund was Glasgow-based Mackie Automatic and Manual Transmissions. The familyowned company, which employs over 25 people and has an annual turnover of £2.5million, secured £30,000 in grant funding for new adaptor sets and software that would mean its new testing machines could test all modern European and US transmissions. The funding also enabled Mackie to purchase a machine to manufacture adaptor sets for future remanufactured transmissions. The funding is also intended for helping develop a range of remanufacturing processes across the renewable energy sector, such as reprocessing wind turbine blades, reconditioning or repurposing oil and gas platform components and steel as well as ‘predictive’ remanufacturing of other energy components.

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