Reman iPad cannot settle court dispute

  • May 22, 2017
  • ReMaTec News
  • Business IT and Electronics

In a move which indicates that remanufactured goods do not yet have the full confidence of consumers, a Dutch court has ruled that Apple cannot use a remanufactured iPad to settle a customer dispute. The customer bought a new iPad Air 2, which stopped connecting with Wi-Fi within four months of purchase. Apple Retail Netherlands offered to substitute the new product with a remanufactured one, arguing that this fulfilled the company’s obligation to replace the faulty item and explaining that the reman version was of a high quality. However, the Court of Amsterdam found that, since the plaintiff had not purchased a refurbished iPad, it cannot be replaced with one: as she bought a new one she is entitled to a new iPad as a replacement. Apple has been therefore ordered to give the customer a new iPad.

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