Self-drive cars complicate reman

  • January 31, 2017
  • ReMaTec News
  • Technical Trends

A glimpse into a more complex world for reman has come via a new report from Frost & Sullivan. Executive Analysis of Self-learning Artificial Intelligence in Cars, Forecast to 2025 suggests that selflearning artificial intelligence (AI) in cars will create business opportunities for OEMs in terms of licensing, partnerships and new mobility services. “Technology companies are expected to be the new Tier 1 for OEMs for deeplearning technology,” says Frost & Sullivan intelligent mobility research analyst Sistla Raghuvamsi. “Google and NVIDIA will be key companies within this space, dominating the market by 2025. Meanwhile, 13 OEMs will be investing over $7 billion in the development of various AI use cases.” These include Hyundai, Toyota and GM, who will account for more than half the total investment share, the company says.

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