STS extends Scania cooperation

  • July 05, 2019
  • Rematec

Scandinavian Transmission Service (STS) has extended its deal to remanufacture planetary gears for Scania trucks to include rear axle gears. These reman parts are sold via Scania Service Exchange. The move is significant for STS, which has been mainly known for the industrial remanufacture of transmissions and transmission components for passenger cars – the Scania contract gives STS a foot in the door of the heavy commercial vehicle segment. “This is opening up a market to us with huge growth potential,” says Ola Stålebo, CEO of STS. “Naturally, we are thrilled that Scania has chosen to extend our cooperation. Since we began remanufacturing planetary gears roughly a year ago, our relationship has become stronger, and we truly feel that Scania appreciates our work and the expertise of the STS employees in the Scania team.” In practical terms, power train components for heavy vehicles are larger and heavier than those for cars, requiring special lifting systems and tools. To fulfil the contract, STS needed to make changes at its Stenungsund facility, investing in the construction of production lines for Scania’s components. Stålebo adds: “There is an opportunity to increase the investment and become a strong partner for other manufacturers of heavy commercial vehicles.” STS was founded in 1969.

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