Brave new world
Thursday, 26 April 2018

Alec opens new facility

ACT Group has launched its car electronics reman business in Munich, Germany. Wholly-owned subsidiary Alec was officially opened last month, with delegates invited to the site for presentations on the state of the reman industry. Guests included former Remanufacturers of the Year Rolf Steinhilper of Bayreuth University and Borg Automotive’s Søren Toft Jensen. Alec says it is the world’s first robotised electronics reman plant, and uses automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) to enable bulk remanufacturing. Chief commercial officer Thijs Jasink says: “AGVs allow us to have flexible processes in a quicker way. Our automated robots take the products to the relevant department, where they are diagnosed with extreme precision and remanufactured.” The new venture is aimed at larger companies who require batches of the same component to be remanufactured. ACT employs approximately 250 people at several sites worldwide, and Alec’s staff is set to grow to 20 when full remanufacturing begins.

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