An interview with Bogi Lateiner
Monday, 16 January 2017

An interview with Bogi Lateiner

Bogi Lateiner, 180 Degree Automotive

Q: How important is perception in the buying process?

A: Whether perception is accurate or not, it is everything. If the perception of your business is bad, there is fall out. You can’t find employees, you can’t make money, no one trusts you, and you are not well respected.


Q: What were the findings of your informal poll on how remanufactured parts are viewed?

A: OE parts, new aftermarket parts, remanufactured parts, used parts are the order of perceived parts quality for replacement. That is not necessarily accurate, but it is the perception.


Q: What advice would you give to remanufacturers?

A: Remember your competition is not just other remanufacturers. It is new and used parts too. You need to manage perceptions. You have to show the value and benefit of your products.


Q: What role does quality play in the buying decision?

A: Quality is the baseline. Let me use this analogy: would you go to a restaurant if its only claim to fame is you won’t get sick if you eat there? No, that is a given. The same is true for remanufacturing.  Quality is a no brainer. You need to differentiate yourself and eliminate the customer’s pain. What is the warranty on a remanufactured part? Do you have a labour claim process? Capitalize on the green nature of reman.


Q: Any final thoughts?

A: If we raise the bar, our competitors will rise to meet us or they will go out of business. Be the high tide not the anchor. You have a choice to be part of what makes the change and elevates the reputation of the industry and changes perceptions.

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