Australia’s IM Group strikes gold

Australia’s IM Group strikes gold

  • May 21, 2015
  • Rematec

Hosted by the AAAA (Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association), every two years, the Australian automotive aftermarket industry gathers at the Australian auto aftermarket expo to showcase new and existing products. In April this year, the event was held in Melbourne where it was visited by over 12,000 overseas and interstate guests.

The event included the presentation of the highly regarded industry recognition awards during which one company won no fewer than three gold awards.

The company was IM Group (Innovative Mechatronics Group P/L), based in Hallam, Victoria which specialises in wholesaling automotive electronic parts. IM Group distributes the brands: Injectronics (Remanufactured electronics), RAE (Ignition & Sensors), MAP (key remote fobs and parts), DAT (Test Equipment) and their newest, which is Genuine OEM Parts. The IM Group offers a total solution to the industry’s engine management and mechatronic needs. As a market leader, they have earned a highly respected reputation in the automotive industry for quality, innovation and customer service.

The three winning categories:

Gold Award Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product (Parts)
The Gold for this category was awarded to the MAP Complete Remote Keys & DIY Programming tool. This programming tool, which was designed in-house by IM Groups R&D team, enables the customer to programme the key in less than 3 minutes.

Gold Award Excellence in Manufacturing - Injectronics
’Remanufactured Automotive Electronics’ Injectronics test, validate, repair and remanufacture automotive electronic components.

Gold Award -Terry Mahoney Excellence in Marketing - IM Group (MAP)
The MAP brand (owned and distributed by IM Group) has been embraced by nearly every major automotive parts store in Australia and sales have exceeded all expectations. MAP products consist of car remote parts such as rubber buttons and remote plastic shells, and by scanning the QR code on the back of the packaging the installer can view the simple fitting instructions.

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