Evaluate! Blog by Niels Klarenbeek

Evaluate! Blog by Niels Klarenbeek

  • September 13, 2017
  • Niels Klarenbeek, Director of Rematec
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Autumn in the uneven years is one of the nicest times for the Rematec team. With Rematec 2017 just months away but fresh in memory, it is time for evaluating the show. Evaluation within RAI Amsterdam is done from many perspectives; e.g. the event logistics, our facilities, our catering services and many more. How did visitors experience the new concepts? What was the average time spent on the show floor by our visitors? How did exhibitors asses the quantity and quality of the visitors?

At RAI Amsterdam we strive towards continuous improvement. Rematec is there to move the reman industry forward and showcase the developments and solutions of tomorrow.

In addition to the internal evaluation meetings, the Rematec team and our network of agents are eager to visit our clients, both visitors and exhibitors. We appreciate their honest opinion and are happy to discuss trends and developments in the remanufacturing industry. It is always a pleasure to combine these meetings with a plant tour at their remanufacturing site.

The impressive size of a core warehouse. The dedication of the workers at the inspection and disassembly stations. The incredible way a warehouse full of dirty and oily cores is somehow kept impeccably clean. The great contrast when filthy cores suddenly get out of the washing machine perfectly clean. The highly skilled workers who do the machining operations. The state of the art testing procedures. And above all, there’s always a kind host who shows us around with pride and passion.

Over the past years, me and my teammates have had plenty of opportunities to be thought in detail on a remanufacturing process. Alternators, clutches, ECU’s, automatic transmissions, heavy duty engines, air disk brakes, it always was a privilege to watch the components flowing through a sophisticated industrial remanufacturing process. No, we’re not supposed to know how many brushes there are in an alternator. But apart from our expertise in exhibition management, these visits are crucial for us to better understand the reman business.

So we’d like to invite ourselves. We have a very loyal customer base and are delighted with the number of rebookings for the next show Rematec 2019. But we’re never satisfied and are eager to hear your opinion and ideas how to further improve the quality of ReMaTec. We challenge you to be fair and critical. What initiatives would you suggest us? Which new themes should be on the programme?

Feel free to reach out and one of us will be happy to come over to your place whenever possible. Wasn’t it Henry Ford who said “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”?

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