Conseil Européen de Remanufacture launched

Conseil Européen de Remanufacture launched

  • August 01, 2016
  • Rematec

To support the remanufacturing industry and aiming to become the focal point for remanufacturing policy dialogue in Europe, the Conseil Européen de Remanufacture, or European Remanufacturing Council has been set up.

The European Commission has asked for a coordinated voice from EU-28 remanufacturing businesses, and the Conseil Européen de Remanufacture will represent small and large businesses from all remanufactured product sectors.

Industry association APRA will represent the interests of the automotive remanufacturing business within the new forum.

Along with the other activities detailed in the work programme, the Council will publish its annual recommendations on research priorities for national and EU-level innovation funding that will most benefit remanufacturing in Europe.

Council members will have an influence upon the definition of these research priorities. The technical detail of these research priorities will be developed by the European Remanufacturing Network (ERN) of universities and research organisations – a network based upon an existing Horizon-2020 financed research project - see The ERN will also become a permanent repository for the academic evidence base on remanufacturing.

Companies can become members of the Conseil Européen de Remanufacture for an annual membership fee. Besides APRA, other European-level trade associations will invited to join.

Members may nominate an individual to hold one of two posts (CER President, CER Vice President) in the Council. Elections to the two representative positions will be held annually, with every member organisation having a single vote.

CER secretariat services will be provided by Oakdene Hollins - see

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