Auto reman take note - digital is driving car retail

Auto reman take note - digital is driving car retail

  • April 12, 2017
  • Rematec
  • Business operations Trends

Consumers’ embrace of digital channels is set to have a major impact on car retail in Europe, with online lead generation expected to contribute nearly three-quarters of all leads in the next six years, says Frost & Sullivan’s Mobility team. “An estimated 65% of prospective buyers begin the journey on their smartphones, while over 90% of customers seek online sources for their next car,” says the consultant’s mobility research analyst Isaac Abraham. “Online lead generation is expected to generate over 70 percent of all leads by 2023.”

The report, Future of Car Retailing in Europe and Benchmarking of OEM Strategies, says that digitisation is seen by OEMs “as a change enabler to enhance brand awareness and customer experience”. The findings are significant for reman, because OEMs’ behaviour can often have a direct impact on reman businesses, and new trends are likely to require some response from reman companies in the near future.

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