Digital Entrepreneurship Scoreboard - Make your voice heard

Digital Entrepreneurship Scoreboard - Make your voice heard

  • July 04, 2016
  • Rematec
Digital transformation is developing rapidly worldwide. European companies, no matter how big or small they are, need to adapt their business model to the growing needs of the market. Thus, the digital transformation of EU business represents an enormous growth potential for Europe, creating millions of jobs and reducing significantly the costs of public administrations.

For these reasons, The European Commission is currently seeking the views of European companies in the automotive, mechanical engineering and pharmaceutical sectors in order to tackle bottlenecks for digitalisation and to create an adequate environment for exploiting its full potential.

By completing this survey, you, as an actor of one of the targeted sectors, will have the opportunity to share your experience and to express your views and concerns regarding digital transformation within your sector and your company, from adoption to digital strategies and digital human capital. Your contribution will allow the European Commission to formulate recommendations that will have a direct impact in your business.

Completing the survey will take you around 10 minutes and is fully anonymous. Only aggregate results will be published and your contribution will be a valuable input for improving digitalisation in Europe. You can access to the questionnaire by clicking on the following link.

About DEM

The Digital Entrepreneurship Monitor (DEM) is a project launched by the European Commission (EC) to develop appropriate tools to monitor in a systematic way emerging digital trends and their potential impact on businesses.

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