Engine remanufacturing at Ivor Searle

  • April 22, 2020
  • Engine Parts

This is a series of video’s from companies in the remanufacturing industry. Part three: Engine remanufacturing at Ivor Searle.

We show an overview of the remanufacturing processes at Ivor Searle. Ivor Searle is one of the leading producers of remanufacturing for more than 60 years. Ivor Searle producing reman engines and cylinder heads, as well as gearboxes and turbos.

When it comes to reman engines, Ivor Searle retunes OE units back to original specification, exceeding an industry standard which details how petrol and diesel engines and components should be inspected and checked against OEM tolerances. The standard dictates that key components, including piston assemblies, big and small end bearings, as well as bushes, gaskets, seals, timing chains and drive belts are completely renewed.

Important additional operations, such as crack testing and machining components, are undertaken to ensure original performance is achieved. In addition to having all key clearances and tolerances inspected during assembly, Ivor Searle also fully tests and inspects all engines.

In contrast, Ivor Searle warns garage owners to be weary of reconditioned engines which are simply disassembled, cleaned and may have some damaged components replaced. The company warns that reconditioning is an entirely subjective process.

Compare this to the remanufacturing process at Ivor Searle which returns the product to at least its original specification and performance with a warranty that is equivalent or better than that of its brand-new equivalent.

Ivor Searle engines boast a 12-month, unlimited mileage parts and labour warranty.

Read here more about Ivor Searle.
This video was shot by GarageWire.

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