Sign up to help simplify reverse logistics for automotive cores
Thursday, 28 February 2019

Sign up to help simplify reverse logistics for automotive cores

Reverse logistics is one of the most fundamental headaches for remanufacturers, but a new initiative aims to simplify the process. Core brokers are being urged to join a workshop, which will be run by Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) at ReMaTec 2019 in Amsterdam.

“During the workshop, we would like to gain an essential understanding what core brokers’ considerations and requirements are, and how we can develop a platform that fits with, but also enhances, their way of working,” explains organiser Sonja van Dam (pictured) from TU Delft. “Additionally, we would like to discuss potential ideas and avenues to further develop the platform.”

It is part of a European Union Horizon 2020 project called Resource-Efficient Circular Product Service Systems (ReCiPSS). TU Delft is part of the ReCiPSS consortium, together with 12 other partners including Circular Economy Solutions (C-ECO), which is to develop the new reverse logistics platform with the support of its service brand CoremanNet.

Automotive parts and an interconnected IT platform are the key elements of the project. The 90-minute workshop will be held at ReMaTec 2019 on Sunday 23 June from 14.30.

• For further information or to sign up, contact Sonja van Dam at

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