Further G7 recognition of remanufacturing

Further G7 recognition of remanufacturing

  • November 02, 2015
  • Rematec

The European remanufacturing associations’ endeavours to promote automotive and heavy duty remanufacturing are bearing fruit.

One example occurred at a recent workshop organized in Birmingham, UK, as part of the G7 nation’s commitment to a series of events to further sustainability measures throughout the member states.

Although specifically mentioned in the final document at the G7 meeting in June, remanufacturing did not figure on the agenda for the Birmingham workshop on Industrial Symbiosis on June 29 and 30. When the organisers rejected a change in favour of remanufacturing, an appeal from APRA Europe President Peter Bartel to the German government resulted in swift action. As the German Ministry of the Environment brought the matter to the attention of the English organisers, they immediately accepted a presentation on remanufacturing by the legal representative of Bosh, the world’s largest automotive supplier and a strong supporter of remanufacturing.

“In addition we have been promised that remanufacturing will be automatically included in future workshops under the auspices of the G7 Alliance for Resources Efficiency,” Peter Bartel said. “This is clear evidence that support for remanufacturing is strengthening across the world.”

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