Gates Warranty Covers More Engine Parts

Gates Warranty Covers More Engine Parts

  • November 17, 2016
  • Rematec

Gates has identified engine remanufacturers in both the passenger car and the heavy-duty markets as installers likely to benefit from extensions to its range of all-in-one drive belt solutions in single boxes. “Reputable reman specialists always fit new belts and tensioners on the auxiliary belt drive systems (ABDS)and synchronous belt drive systems (SBDS), but some of our latest all-in-one solutions for passenger cars also include belts, water pumps and thermostats,” says the company.

It believes the packages are ideal for engine remanufacturers because the warranty that covers the belts and the tensioners extends to every part in the Gates box. This means the kits provide additional assurance over a wider range of engine parts from a single supplier, as well as making it easier to order the correct parts for the relevant engines every time. The company believes other key benefits are further credibility to the quality of the reman engine, as well as additional assurance to the customer who could save a lot of inspection down time in the event of a subsequent tissue with the engine.

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