Health issues top priority at Cardone

Health issues top priority at Cardone

  • June 29, 2015
  • Rematec

Cardone Industries, the worldvs largest privately owned remanufacturing company, has been named one of the region's healthiest employers by the Philadelphia Business Journal, the city’s business magazine.

In its 2015 ranking of Greater Philadelphia’s Healthiest Employers, the magazine points out how Cardone continues to expand its initiative to improve the overall health of its employees through a variety of programmes. These include onsite fitness classes, wellness seminars, one-on-one counselling with health coaches, blood pressure screenings and annual biometric health exams - all provided free of cost.

"Our goal is to have healthy and productive people at work every day," said Jim Wilton, Group Health & Wellness Administrator at Cardone. "It’s our philosophy that if we can succeed in helping every employee make small, incremental improvements in their individual health care over time, then everyone wins."

To help reduce injuries, Cardone is rolling out an enterprise-wide warmup programme featuring stretches specifically targeted for each manufacturing area of the business. Cardone also sponsors individual and team wellness competitions which have been met with high levels of enthusiasm and participation throughout the organization. These programmes draw attention to major areas of overall health and wellness, while fostering a fun and competitive atmosphere among participants.

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