Jasink: Reman must share data

Jasink: Reman must share data

  • June 21, 2018
  • Rematec

Thijs Jasink has called on his fellow remanufacturers to share information to help the industry solve common problems. At the APRA Europe Symposium 2018 in Budapest, Jasink, who is chief commercial of Alec Electronics, made a request for more data sharing between remanufacturers – especially when it came to issues such as safetycritical components. APRA is the perfect organisation to help the industry do that, he insisted. “Now is the time to share the knowledge and help each other,” he said. “Let’s stay connected.”

This could be particularly useful when trying to engage in lobbying for the industry – for instance with European policy makers, he said. Sharing data with European Union policy makers would enable the remanufacturing sector to present itself as a responsible partner in areas such as environmental protection. This, in turn, might allow the sector more leverage when pushing for other things that it requires from legislators. One thing is for sure, he concluded: “If we stand still, if we are reactive rather than proactive, we will fail.”

Image: Property of Alec Electronics

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