LBM sets up in Germany

LBM sets up in Germany

  • April 19, 2017
  • Rematec
  • Business operations

Swedish spare part supplier LBM Autoparts has set up a sales office with a warehouse in Germany, as part of a plan to tap into Europe’s minor transmission specialists and workshops and expand its reach out of Scandinavia. Based near Gothenburg, LBM is a full-service supplier of spare parts for automatic and manual transmissions.

 CEO Erik Stålebo explains: “One of our most important goals is to establish a presence near our customers in priority markets, and Germany is a very important market for us. We are therefore pleased to have inaugurated our new branch office, which allows us to support our customers even more actively.” The new site is at Velten, north-west of Berlin.

The company has already developed proprietary complete reman kits and a catalogue with over 500 spare parts for manual transmissions and dual clutch transmissions for light vehicles, including brands such as Opel, VW, Renault and Ford. Stålebo believes that the European market transmission reman needs more players – who are at present put off by what they see as time-consuming product selection and complex purchasing process.

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