Linking different areas of remanufacturing at Rematec2015

Linking different areas of remanufacturing at Rematec2015

  • April 06, 2015
  • Rematec

A number of side events will be taking place alongside Rematec2015 in Amsterdam, in an attempt to widen the scope of the event.

Domain Manager Niels Klarenbeek explains: "With these side events we aim to link different areas of the remanufacturing sector together." Events will be taking place at Amsterdam RAI Exhibition Centre before, during and after the remanufacturing show, starting with Choice Tech 2014 on Saturday and finishing with World Reman Summit on 17 June.

Some events are linked very closely to the content ReMaTec show floor. Choice Tech 2014 is a technical seminar providing in-depth information and practical tips for rebuilders of automatic transmissions. "Over the years the seminars have been warmly welcomed by many rebuilders who want to stay on top," explains organizer Maron de Groot from Automatic Choice.

Focusing more on academia is the ICoR event. "We chose to hold ICoR 2015 in Amsterdam as it links what is largely an academic conference with the most well-known reman trade exhibition," says Dr James Windmill of the University of Strathclyde. During the event some forty papers on remanufacturing will be presented to an audience of academics.

The World Reman Summit takes place from 16-17 June and has been growing steadily in attendance by about 20% annually over the past four years. "This is the only conference in the world that combines the various industries busy in remanufacturing, rather than focusing on automotive, aerospace or computers," Professor Rolf Steinhilper explains. "The main focus of the World Reman Summit is people from the industry - both big players and independents - talking to an audience and among each other about the challenges of and next steps for our sector."

A concept that is growing in importance for the reman industry takes centre stage during Circular Economy Seminar. "Our target group is a combination of our members and other companies interested in the circular economy, from R&D and innovation experts to CEOs from SMEs," Arjanne van der Plas from Circle Economy explains. "The primary focus of the seminar will be the lessons that can be learnt from the mainly automotive frontrunners in remanufacturing."

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