MERA pushes sustainable line

MERA pushes sustainable line

  • August 30, 2018
  • Rematec
  • Circular economy

MERA is to hold its renamed Sustainable Manufacturing Conference 2018 on 26-27 September in the Detroit, Michigan area.

With a “new name that better showcases remanufacturing as a key process in today’s circular economy”, the event “will recognise and advance remanufacturing’s role in diverse industrial sectors”. MERA believes that ‘remanufacturing’ as a term is not well enough understood by those outside the industry.

“For us to advance as an industry, we need simple messaging,” MERA director John Chalifoux told ReMaTecNews. “If you say ‘manufacturing with reuse’ then lightbulbs go off in other people’s heads. The more we can mainstream what we do, we’ll have more demand.” The conference will cover topics including mechatronics, reliabilitycentred maintenance and battery reman.

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