New chairman for Apra Europe

New chairman for Apra Europe

  • May 22, 2017
  • Rematec
  • Business operations

Daniel Koehler, reman director of Knorr-Bremse, has been appointed chairman of Rematec partner Apra Europe. The board selected Koehler after reman veteran Carsten Buecker, who had been in post for a year, resigned in May. Buecker is stepping down from the trade organisation’s board to concentrate on his own business but he told ReMaTecNews that he expects the process of reorganisation which he started to be carried on by his successor.

This includes the takeover of back office services such as finance and administration by Apra in the US, and the search for new board members. Buecker also said that Brexit meant political changes were now happening which “we weren’t even considering two years ago”. This means that the political stability which had allowed Apra to focus on lobbying for favourable legislation for the reman industry could be under threat. “This could have a dramatic influence on reman in Europe,” he insisted.

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