Cer: To little free trade

  • July 19, 2018
  • ReMaTec
  • Business

European remanufacturers have complained that barriers to trade are continuing even after free trade deals have been signed – with Brazil, Turkey and China singled out as particular culprits. This was one of the key findings from a European Remanufacturing Council (CER) survey carried out to mark the first Global Remanufacturing Day. Respondents said that new free trade agreements must include clauses on the trade in cores and remanufactured product. Asked what was top of their agenda for the next 12 months, many remanufacturing professionals said: “Raising awareness of remanufacturing” with the public and policy makers. CER insisted: “The growing strength of our single voice for remanufacturers across Europe is supporting the movement at a senior level – and is certainly opening doors.”