Ontario Northland secures refurbishment contract and 50 new jobs in the Remanufacturing and Repair Centre

  • July 18, 2016
  • Rematec
Ontario Northland in North Bay has been awarded a contract from CANARAIL to refurbish Rocky Mountaineer luxury passenger rail cars. The work will result in approximately 50 new jobs in the Remanufacturing and Repair Centre (RRC) in the immediate term and up to 80 new positions over the course of the four-year contract. The contract will also provide a significant economic boost to North Bay and surrounding areas.

Since 2014, CANARAIL has delivered five refurbished cars to Rocky Mountaineer. The new contract with Ontario Northland will allow CANARAIL to deliver an additional 11 cars over the next four years.

"Winning this contract is a result of our reputation in the rail industry for quality work and the combined efforts of our remanufacturing and repair team who have enhanced our competitiveness," said Corina Moore, president and CEO of Ontario Northland, in a release. "It also marks an important step forward to reaching the organization's transformation goals."

This contract will result in an extra shift being added in RRC. Since Ontario Northland expanded its capabilities, RRC has been busy with diverse remanufacturing and repair work. In less than two years, the division has expanded from focusing solely on passenger car refurbishment to securing freight car, locomotive, and wheel repair contracts. The company's diverse skill set continues to attract work.

Ontario Northland is a leader in transportation and rail remanufacturing. RRC currently employs over 150 skilled and professional rail workers who extend the life of rail assets and provide solutions to transportation companies throughout North America.

Founded in 1991, CANARAIL is a Quebec-based rail consulting and engineering firm that specializes in mining, heavy haul freight, and urban domains.

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