Schaeffler debuts pulley decoupler solution
Wednesday, 03 May 2017

Schaeffler debuts pulley decoupler solution

Schaeffler is now offering a repair solution with pulley decoupler for the auxiliary drive. The firm’s pulley decoupler has been in OE mass production since 2013 but is now available for the first time as a component of its INA FEAD KITs. “With this, we are the first company on the market to offer garages a suitable repair solution,” says Christian Kos, head of engine & chassis, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket. “The launch of the pulley decoupler represents a logical further development in our product portfolio for servicing the ever-more complex auxiliary drive.”

Initially offered for BMWs with 1.5 litre and 3-cylinder gasoline engines, such as the BMW 3 Series, but should also be available for some Opel and Volvo vehicles by the end of the year. The company says that the auxiliary drive has long since developed from a simple belt drive into a complex system and increasing demands for comfort – for instance, air conditioning, power-assisted steering, or start-stop systems – plus vehicle trends like hybridization or downsizing have led to a much higher load on all components of the accessory drive.

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