Remanufacturing of fuel injection systems: more uptime for South-African Komatsu owners

Remanufacturing of fuel injection systems: more uptime for South-African Komatsu owners


High-quality repair and remanufacturing of fuel injection systems – to OEM standards – remains the most cost effective option for Komatsu customers, according to manager Warren Hauser of Reef Fuel Injection Services in Germiston, South-Africa.

Komatsu owners will be pleased to know that issues with their diesel fuel injection systems do not need to cause them undue downtime. With its specialised, accredited repair and remanufacturing services, Reef Fuel Injection Services in Germiston can get these machines back in operation quickly, according to manager Warren Hauser.

“We are the only workshop in South Africa that is authorised to repair and remanufacture the injection system on Komatsu’s popular 785 dump truck, for instance,” says Hauser. “We can also fully remanufacture both the high-pressure diesel pump and the injector of the Komatsu 6D170’s engine family.”

With its comprehensive knowledge and experience of the Komatsu diesel injection range, the company ensures fast turnaround times to put machines back to work. Good parts availability means no waiting for imported components for Komatsu owners.

“This reduces the risk of any disruption in the supply chain, like we have recently experienced with the Covid-19 pandemic,” he says. “We have an extensive range of new and remanufactured common rail injectors in stock.”

Specialised equipment allows Reef Fuel Injection Services to conduct detailed tests and give customers accurate reports on the complete diesel fuel injection system. Further reducing downtime is the company’s field service, which can attend to fuel injection related issues in the field.

“Setting us apart is our investment and expertise in Bosch and Hartridge OEM-authorised equipment for testing and calibration,” he says. “With this technology we can generate reports on most electronic parts, and can share this data with Komatsu owners customers.”

“The real benefits of the high-quality repair and remanufacturing of fuel injection systems, though, are the improved uptime and the reliability of the finished product,” Warren concludes.

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