US Department of Defense awards grant to RIT

US Department of Defense awards grant to RIT

  • September 20, 2015
  • ReMaTec

Through its Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP), the US Department of Defense has awarded Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) a grant for the acquisition of cold spray equipment for the institute’s additive manufacturing research.

Cold spray is an additive manufacturing process that uses a high-speed gas jet to accelerate powder particles toward a substrate whereby metal particles plastically deform and consolidate upon impact. This process, unlike many other additive manufacturing processes, uses lower process temperatures, enabling the process to form dense deposits with extremely low oxygen content, free of residual tensile stresses and grain growth.

The cold spray process has the potential to repair cracked aluminum and cast iron castings and restore worn components to their original dimensions without degrading their mechanical or physical properties. The equipment will allow RIT to explore cold spray as an option for extending asset life through recapitalization or remanufacturing. Cold spray also has the ability to deposit low melting solid lubricants on wear surfaces, further enabling research to address fuel efficiency concerns, reduce maintenance requirements and increase reliability of legacy platforms through reduction of engine and drive train frictional losses.

With the added capability, RIT researchers and graduate students will be able to address both additive manufacturing technologies and fuel efficiency. The cold spray technology is applicable to the service life extension of several military vehicles, and is a promising alternative for many remanufacturing applications.

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