US senators in strong push for reman

US senators in strong push for reman

  • March 07, 2015
  • ReMaTec

In late February two members of the United States' Senate launched a new bill that could potentially have very considerable, positive effect on automotive and commercial vehicle remanufacturing. 

The bill, named the Federal Vehicle Repair Cost Savings Act, aims at encouraging the federal government to use remanufactured parts when maintaining the federal vehicle fleet.

Since the American government spends nearly $1 billion per year to maintain some 588,000 government vehicles, the passing of such a law could have huge direct and indirect implications for automotive and heavy duty remanufacturing.

The two senators behind the bill are Gary Peters, a democrat from Michigan and the republican James Lankford of Oklahoma.

Senator Gary Peters said: "I’m proud that the first bill I'm introducing in the Senate is a bi-partisan, commonsense measure that will help save taxpayers money, promote conservation by remanufacturing parts and support remanufacturing suppliers in Michigan and across the country."

Saving tax payer money
"Congress must consider every way to conserve limited federal dollars within every agency and every budget line-item. Encouraging remanufactured auto parts when repairing government vehicles is a worthy cost-cutting measure to save taxpayer money," senator James Lankford added.

According to the U.S. International Trade Commission remanufacturing of motor vehicle parts creates over 30,000 full time jobs, while remanufacturing of off-road equipment creates over 20,000 additional jobs.

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