ReMaTecNews, the only international magazine and website dedicated to remanufacturing worldwide, is an independent channel for news, views and developments within the remanufacturing industry. ReMaTecNews offers a unique opportunity for all industry players to present their products, developments and visions and to exchange ideas in an international environment.

ReMaTecNews magazine

6 editions per year, 13,230 readers per edition. The magazine is delivered to recipients in Asia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, North America and South America.

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Target group

ReMaTecNews is aimed at:
remanufacturers/rebuilders, core suppliers, suppliers of OE components, suppliers of components for remanufacturers, suppliers of rebuilding equipment and machinery, suppliers of test equipment, suppliers of cleaning equipment, distributors/importers/wholesalers of rebuilt parts, car manufacturers, fleet operators, manufacturers/OEMs, government and non-government organisations, chambers of commerce, insurance companies, automotive trade associations.

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