Unique opportunity for more sustainable European fleet presented at ReMaTec2015

Unique opportunity for more sustainable European fleet presented at ReMaTec2015

  • 31 May, 2015
  • ReMaTec

Used engine rebuilt to stricter European emission standards

During ReMaTec2015, from 14-16 June in Amsterdam RAI, the Netherlands, innovation, knowledge, trends and market developments take centre stage at the ReMaTec InnovationLAB. Several scoops will be presented to the industry, one of which is a new technique developed by Koning Technisch Bedrijf (KTB) in the Netherlands that could have far-stretching effects.

The InnovationLAB offers room to the latest industry developments and KTB, member of Dutch industry association BOVAG’s remanufacturing division, will be presenting a unique opportunity to create a more sustainable European heavy duty fleet.

During the show two technicians will be remanufacturing a DAF WS truck engine, upgrading the engine from its original Euro 0 qualification to the stricter European emission standard of Euro IV or even Euro V. Cylinder heads, fuel pump, injectors, turbo and all the parts required for dual fuel injection will be built live on the stand.

According to Aart Koning of KTB it is a simple solution with great results. "The parts you need to rebuild this engine are readily available. With the remanufactured engine the truck adheres to the stricter European environmental guidelines and in countries like Germany and Poland vehicles are re-certified accordingly." In the Netherlands this is currently not the case.

Reducing emissions
According to the European Commission, heavy-duty vehicles - trucks and buses - are responsible for about a quarter of CO2 emissions from road transport in the EU and for some 6% of total EU emissions.

Since 1990 the emission of harmful gases has been spectacularly reduced by the introduction of the Euro emission standard. Over the years, the standard has been steadily tightened and as from 2014 all new trucks and lorries are required to be equipped with an engine with Euro VI technology.

Vehicles that don’t comply with the standards cannot be sold in the EU, but new standards do not apply to vehicles already on the roads. According to a rapport of Dutch banking giant ING, in the Netherlands alone almost a third of trucks and lorries still use Euro III engines or older.

Cost savings
As a result of the economic crisis and the quick succession of Euro standards, for many transport firms that own vehicles with older engines, it’s financially not viable to replace their vehicles. Remanufacturing the engine is both financially as well as environmentally a great solution for these firms. A remanufactured engine also generates diesel fuel savings of around 10%.

"We’re extremely proud that KTB and BOVAG have chosen our trade show to showcase this new technique," says Niels Klarenbeek, Manager ReMaTec shows. "The potential is enormous. Not only does it increase the lifespan of the vehicle, it saves fuel cost and significantly decreases CO2 emissions."

"What our BOVAG-member KTB is showing on ReMaTec is an impressive feat," says Jean Paul Borsten, chairman of Dutch industry association BOVAG’s remanufacturing division. "And it gives compelling evidence on how sustainable and innovative the remanufacturing industry is. It offers a lot of opportunities for the future."

Visitors to ReMaTec2015 can visit the InnovationLAB for free, for more information visit www.rematec.com.


About ReMaTec
ReMaTec is the world’s largest remanufacturing show and is supported by the leading trade organisations APRA (Auto Parts Remanufacturers Association) and FIRM (International Association of Engine Rebuilders and Remanufacturers). The main visitor groups are car manufacturers, distributors, importers and remanufacturing firms and their suppliers. Since 2014 Show Management also organises BigR/ReMaTecUSA in Las Vegas. Both events are organised by Amsterdam RAI.


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