What to expect at Rematec Asia's first edition in Guangzhou, China

What to expect at Rematec Asia's first edition in Guangzhou, China

  • 30 September, 2019
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With only a few days till the first Rematec Asia ever, the countdown has officially begun. Rematec Asia co-locates with Automotive Aftermarket Guangzhou (AAG) from 11 – 13 October 2019 in Guangzhou, China. Initiated as a joint project between RAI Amsterdam, China Parts Remanufacturers Association (CPRA) and Sinomachint (China National Machinery Industry International Co), the exhibition programme promises to offer intriguing sessions for everyone in remanufacturing. 

From Amsterdam to Guangzhou, the focus of Rematec is advancing remanufacturing. Rematec Asia tackles match-making difficulties with Chinese reman companies, addresses the challenges and changes that affect the remanufacturing industry and demonstrates how Chinese reman companies operate. 

Curtain goes up on a new theatre 
The Rematec Theatre will be one of the go-to areas of Rematec Asia. It will be the venue for a host of presentations and discussions from Chinese national and foreign remanufacturing experts, ensuring that visitors are fully up to speed with domestic and international issues. The programme runs from Friday 11 October till Sunday 13 October, and the theatre is open to all visitors to Rematec Asia and AAG. Some highlights include: 

Elevate Automotive Remanufacturing, by Innovation and Automation. This is the topic of Fernand Weiland’s new book regarding the impact of digitisation, automation, robotisation and electric vehicles in the remanufacturing industry. (Date: Friday, 11 October 2019, 13:30 - 14:15 hours, Location: Rematec Theater(2nd Floor, Hall 3)) 

The Future and Challenges of Engine Remanufacturing. This is a presentation on the rapidly changing remanufacturing industry which comes with challenges in the future presented by Jianda Yu, Deputy General Manager of Wuxi Dahao Power Co., Ltd. (Date: Sunday, 13 October 2019, 10:00 - 10:30 hours, Location: Rematec Theatre (2nd Floor, Hall 3)) 

Photos: Sinomachint from AAG 2018

No substitute for first-hand experience: Excursion to local reman facilities 
Rematec Asia is about building contacts and knowledge. An interesting part of the Rematec Asia programme are the excursions on Sunday 13 October where pre-registered visitors will be able to experience first-hand exactly what goes on in China’s remanufacturing industry today. The tour will include visits to the following companies:

Guangzhou Kuayue Autoparts: Guangzhou Kuayue Auto Parts and Accessories Industry CO,. LTD is a privately-owned high-tech enterprise specialising in manufacturing and remanufacturing Hydraulic Steering and Electronic Control Power Steering for various vehicles. 

Huadu Xin Chentian Auto Parts Co., Ltd: Huadu Xin Chentian operates the brand new Guangzhou core market, which was opened in June 2019. Over 500 core traders are located in the Huadu economic development zone between Guangzhou City Centre and Baiyun (CAN) Airport. 

Guangzhou Huadu Worldwide Transmission: Huadu Worldwide Transmission provides services around transmission boxes (power/automotive/gearboxes), such as testing, maintenance, remanufacturing, tech support and training. Huadu Worldwide owns ten repair centres, three service centres and one factory that produces 35,000 remanufactured units per year. 


East meets West 
With Guangzhou being the home of the Chinese automotive industry as a major automobile production base, there is an obvious industry advantage in joining forces at Automotive Aftermarket Guangzhou (AAG), which expects more than 20.000 visitors and over 1.300 exhibitors. Rematec Asia hopes to bridge east and west in remanufacturing by shining a light on the benefits for its European and North American customer base to enter the Chinese remanufacturing industry. 

Who will be there?
At Rematec Asia there will be over 95 exhibitors (around 15 of which are international) exhibiting their reman products and capabilities at the Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center. Current international exhibitors are: 

Encory: Germany 
ATC Drivetrain: US 
MRT Engines: Netherlands 
MFC: Taiwan 
Emmetec: Italy 
MERA – The Association for Sustainable Manufacturing: US 
MSG: Ukraine 
Asysum, S.A.: Spain ACtronics: Germany 
Injectronics: Australia 
JSC Kinergo: Lithuania 
GSL Materials: Malaysia 
AG Cores: Italy 
Ganzeboom, Netherlands
Rematec / Rematec News: Netherlands 

Find out more about the Rematec Asia 2019 programme here.





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