During Rematec Asia 2019, exhibitors are given the opportunity to do different excursions.
For example during last edition, exhibitors were visiting 3 intresting reman companies.
If you are intrested, you can join this excursion as well in 2020!


Guangzhou Huadu Worldwide Transmission

Huadu Worldwide Transmission is a remanufacturing company located in Guangzhou Huadu District. It was founded in 1998 and was one of the first 14 companies included in the National Development and Reform Commission’s remanufacturing pilot programme in 2008. The company provides services around transmission boxes (power/automotive/gearboxes), such as testing, maintenance, remanufacturing, tech support and training. Huadu Worldwide owns ten repair centres, three service centres and one factory that produces 35,000 remanufactured units per year.

Huadu Worldwide Transmission


Guangzhou Kuayue Auto Parts

Guangzhou Kuayue was established in August, 2001. Guangzhou Kuayue Auto Parts and Accessories Industry CO,. LTD (Short Guangzhou Kuayue) is a private-owned high-tech Enterprise specializing in manufacturing and reproducing Hydraulic Steering and Electronic Control Power Steering for various vehicles. The company enjoys a membership in Steering Commission of China Association of Automobile Manufactures and participated in the official craft of “The national auto parts manufacturing standards”.

Kuayue Auto Parts

Huadu Xin

Huadu Xin Chentian Auto Parts Co., Ltd

Huadu Xin Chentian operates the brand new Guangzhou core market, which was opened in June 2019. Over 500 core traders are located in the Huadu economic development zone between Guangzhou city center and Baiyun (CAN) Airport. The core market has a broad range of automotive core including engines, automatic transmissions, starters, generators, air compressors, high pressure oil pumps, turbochargers, pumps, steering gears, booster pumps, brake calipers.

Huadu Xin Chentian »