De Sutter launches engine reman in Jamaica
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De Sutter launches engine reman in Jamaica

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Dutch reman specialist De Sutter is to help launch an engine remanufacturing business in the West Indies. Jamaican Reman will be based in Kingston, Jamaica, and will be opened in January 2019.

Jean-Paul Borsten, owner of De Sutter, told ReMaTecNews: “Jamaica is an island economy, so has to import everything. This means the circular economy is very important.”

De Sutter is partnering with two established local firms, Stewart’s Automotive Group and Excel Motors. “It’s a nice group of people,” says Borsten. Excel’s managing director Patrick Marzouca and Stewart’s boss Duncan Stewart are both well-known local businessmen with good contacts, he adds. Stewart’s is a third-generation, family-owned automotive firm, much like De Sutter.

Local technicians are expected to visit Europe for training. Engines are primarily expected to be from European and Japanese cars, and from American industrial trucks.

The new company will begin by following De Sutter’s business model, which is to remanufacture customers’ existing engines. This means core supply is not a major issue – although this could change if the new venture branches out. “The ambition might be more than that,” Borsten continues. “We could be talking [remanufacture of] auto parts and we could be talking ink cartridges. We’re trying to bring our knowledge of Europe and the US to the Caribbean.”

Reman is nascent in Jamaica. “It’s a fairly early market for reman,” says Borsten. “There is a lot of opportunity for the circular economy and a government who understands the need for it.” Discussions with officials in Jamaica have been positive, he suggests: “They are willingly looking for a high quality product.”

Based initially on Stewart’s industrial site, Jamaican Reman will have a 2,000m2 workshop to start with. “The ambition might be more than that,” Borsten concludes.


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