APRA Europe creating more value for members
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Apra Europe creating more value for members

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Updating, refreshing and optimising the association’s appeal to members is top of the agenda for chairman Daniel Koehler – and providing maximum satisfaction is the task in hand.

“Since I became APRA Europe chairman in mid-2017, I started several main activities and projects to further grow APRA Europe,” says Dr Daniel Koehler, chairman of APRA Europe. “Some of the results we might already recognise – as with our improved back office run by Michael Haumann - and about some we will hear and report in the future. One of the main activities is to update, refresh and optimise the APRA Europe value proposition. Our members are our customers and therefore it is our task to achieve maximum satisfaction by providing the right services. APRA Europe just recently has undertaken efforts to take seriously feedback from its members in order to further improve services and recognition.”

Important questions

As a member-oriented organisation, APRA Europe is constantly questioning itself by asking things like:

Where do we stand today?

Where are we headed?

Which are our core activities?

Which benefits do we offer to our members?

What is the actual payback of an APRA membership?

At the same time, the remanufacturing business environment changes, leaders change and – with them – their expectations of an industry organisation which represents their interests. In recent months, APRA Europe has collected many thoughts, doubts and wishes of members as well as input from its own board. Most of the board directors run remanufacturing businesses themselves and know which support they require and expect. As a result of this process, APRA Europe has now come up with an updated, more centred and clear value proposition to its members. The full value proposition will be presented and discussed by Koehler during the upcoming APRA European Symposium 2018 in Budapest, Hungary.

Value proposition

However, in this edition of ReMaTecNews we are delighted to already giveyou a glimpse of this updated valueproposition. It comprises three majorthemes:
1. APRA Europe promotes and defends the remanufacturing industry (e.g. communicates benefits of remanufactured products; protects remanufacturers from misleading public information; shapes a predictable business environment)

2. APRA Europe provides guidance and support (e.g. informs onlegal aspects; provides advice;finds experts; assesses latesttechnologies)

3. APRA Europe keeps the remanufacturing network together (e.g. organises branch events;provides a communication platform;connects remanufacturing people)

Moreover, Koehler has often been asked, especially by smaller reman enterprises, what would be their return for spending annual membership dues? In this case, he keeps saying: “APRA does things for SMEs which one single company can never afford” – especially when it comes to lobbying and creating public awareness. Because 90% of APRA Europe’s members are SME companies, their benefits will especially be highlighted in the context of the renewed value proposition. During the symposium, members and other visitors may contribute to a survey about what they think of, and expect from, APRA Europe. It is a unique opportunity to bring in your own ideas and to help shape the organisation to your own, maximum benefit. Of course, the full value proposition will be published soon after the event.


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