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Technotrasmissioni at Rematec Amsterdam 2023

Tuesday, 9 January 2024

Riccardo Trombini, Sales and Marketing Manager of Tecnotrasmissioni presents his Company leader in the transmissions European market.

What prompted Tecnotrasmissioni to choose Rematec Amsterdam 2023 to present its company?

We have chosen to participate in this trade fair for the significant international exposure it provides. We are already present, especially in the European remanufacturing market, among the leaders in transmissions, and through this fair, we aim to strengthen our business partnerships with existing clients and suppliers, as well as expand them with new ones. Therefore, we could not miss the most important remanufacturing fair in Europe!

What is Tecnotrasmissioni technological and commercial strategy in the field of remanufacturing?

As for the technological aspect, we are increasingly specializing in mechanical transmissions, from manual to electronically controlled ones, including transfer units and differentials. We have been operating in this sector for 35 years because we believe there are growth opportunities, despite current perceptions about the advent of electric cars. Regarding our business strategy, for several years now, we have been establishing relationships with distributors covering entire regions or countries, who then distribute our products extensively in the territory and the market. When it comes to transmissions, our products are primarily reconditioned in-house. Additionally, our company also sells spare parts that undergo thorough checks and come with a one-year warranty.

Circular economy is the key concept. How can your company be considered an added value both for customers and the environment?

As a leading company in the field of remanufacturing, it is a given that we are inherently aligned with the circular economy. This is evident in the market; for instance, customers are more likely to choose a reconditioned transmission with a 12-month warranty over an uncertified used one. On one hand, this choice satisfies the customer in terms of quality and savings, and on the other hand, it contributes to environmental preservation by avoiding the disposal of the recovered spare part and reducing labour-intensive production processes, thereby resulting in a lower CO2 footprint. Our company comprises more than 35 employees and has two locations in the province of Bologna – one for production and one for storage. We handle the entire remanufacturing process, relying on external suppliers only for specific mechanical processes on components.

With the advent of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), what will be the future of your work? Will you be obliged to diversify your activities? An Internal Combustion Vehicle (ICV) has many more parts and components compared to a BEV. Do you see this as a risk or an opportunity?

Our sector, that of transmissions, is more fortunate than others, for example, compared to the one related to powertrains. This is because BEVs still have a differential that can be considered, in all respects, a transmission—perhaps simpler, but still requiring future repair or regeneration. And we are ready! Not to forget, the future market will still be filled with Internal Combustion Vehicles (ICVs), assuming confirmation that production will cease by 2035. Personally, our company has thousands of transmission cores from current and past models, reconditioned by us. Genuine parts for these are no longer supplied by the original manufacturer but are still in demand from users who continue to drive vehicles from the '90s, either for economic reasons or due to vintage car and restomod preferences.

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