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VIDEO: BORG Automotive – A remanufactured starter

Tuesday, 3 November 2020

This is a series of videos from companies in the remanufacturing industry. Part eleven: BORG Automotive – A remanufactured starter.

Remanufacturing automotive parts at BORG Automotive means renovating used parts or components in order to make them perform as good or even better than new parts. Remanufacturing is a very comprehensive process, but it also serves a lot of advantages for the customers and the environment.

Remanufacturing takes place in a large production site optimised for and adapted to the remanufacturing process. The BORG Automotive reman process consist of six steps:
1. Dissassembly
2. Cleaning
3. Inspection & sorting
4. Reconditioning & replacement
5. Reassembly
6. Final testing.

A quality assurance programme ensures that the right quality levels are met as the units pass through the various remanufacturing processes.

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