Rematec News Revisits
Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Rematec News Revisits

No less a figure than Michael Cardone – after whom MERA’s leadership awards are named – was highlighting reman opportunities in Europe 15 years ago in Rematec News. In a speech in Portugal the International Federation of Automotive Aftermarket Distributors, he said: “Remanufacturing is the right thing to do for the vehicle owner, the mechanic, the environment and for the future of the independent aftermarket in Europe.”

This emphasis on the green benefits of reman was not quite so prevalent in the industry as it is now. He also urged companies to work towards a common goal, saying in particular: “More partnering is needed so that the high-tech electronic and mechatronic parts will be available to the independent aftermarket to repair the vehicles.” Cardone also put his finger on another issue with which the sector is wrestling: “As the value of vehicles decreases, pressure for lower cost repairs becomes more important. The sooner the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the vehicle, the sooner vehicles will be scrapped, making our market disappear. Remanufactured parts keep repair costs lower.”

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