The workshop experience
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The workshop experience

Monday, 12 August 2019

The Remanpath project organises workshops to get companies more involved in reman. Dr. Helen Roby, assistant professor, FBL, Centre for Business in Society, Coventry University, explains:

“We had very good feedback from the workshop, with most of the participants saying how much they enjoyed the morning. The workshop included a good mix of participants including managing directors, business development managers, industrial designers and sales managers. There was plenty of interaction from the participants, asking lots of questions and sharing their experiences of remanufacturing. All but one participant was from the automotive industry, but this was not surprising based on the case studies and choice of location. It was clear from the feedback received that the case studies and networking opportunities were the most interesting aspects for participants. Many of these companies work in isolation - and knowing others were experiencing the same issues as them and being able to discuss these was an important aspect of the morning. At the end, participants specifically asked if they could have each other’s contact details so that they were able to stay in touch. Recruitment was a challenge for this workshop. The response was slow and mailings and personal approaches had to be sent out several times to get a reasonable number of participants. However, it was felt by the participants that a smaller group with an informal approach to the workshop was beneficial, facilitating a greater opportunity for discussion and networking. Although the content of the workshop was important in attracting participants, the location was also a critical factor. RDM Automotive is a leading manufacturer in autonomous vehicles. The opportunity to gain insights into their work and to see the vehicles in operation were definitely a draw to the workshop. Having an interesting location or including the workshop in other activities is a good way to encourage attendance. The case studies from SMEs already established in remanufacturing generated greatest interest from the participants. They gave the opportunity to understand the process of remanufacturing and to learn from others’ experiences. One participant commented that he had not realised he was actually already remanufacturing until listening to the presentations.”

There will be more workshops organised at the end of the year in Finland, the Netherlands, France, Germany and the UK. For more information, please visit the website or email Remanpath project manager Heikkilä Jouko.


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