A formal introduction
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A formal introduction

Sunday, 8 September 2019

There are a few familiar names at Rematec Asia – as well as a number which will be less well-known in parts of the industry. Here is an introduction to just two of the companies you will find in Guangzhou…

Emmetec is a world leading company specialising in electric and hydraulic power steering, shock absorbers, brake-booster, diagnostic equipment, spare parts, technical training and database updating. Its EPS Division handles electric power steering columns, racks and pumps, and services include torque and position sensors, transistors for electric motors, and CPU and motor relays. Replying to strong market demand, where vehicles with EPS are constantly increasing, Emmetec released a range of professional tools for diagnosis and simulation. Vinci is an innovative patented test bench that enables to test EPS-C (electric column), EPS-P (electric pump) and EPS-R (electric rack) before and after the repair process. This system, controlled by a computer, allows simulation of several driving conditions with different speeds and loads, while the fully automatic version of the bench makes a completely motorised test sequence.

The Vinci range is released as standalone independent machines, as well as modules, controlled by a control pulpit. They are equipped with a wide range of car model data, and an advanced remote assistance system means the model list can be periodically updated to supply further customer support. Emmetec’s engineers are available for professional classes on test benches at its R&D headquarters in Ternate (Varese, Italy).

For further information visit Emmetec's website.

Since its foundation in late 2016, Encory has built a diverse portfolio of solutions for the automotive aftermarket in numerous countries across the globe. A joint venture between vehicle manufacturer BMW and environmental services company Alba Group, Encory specialises in developing reverse logistics solutions with the supporting software developments as well as reman parts portfolios. It has built a global reverse logistics network with partners to create closed loops and enable remanufacturing: with 1,800 daily users of the dealer return platform in 30 countries as well as three reverse logistics operations warehouses – known as ReLife Points - in Europe today and one planned in China by the end of 2019, it aims to ensure continuous core availability in addition to the management of other return types such as warranties, claims and general part returns.

Encory’s core sorting software provides an identification and standardised quality evaluation process, thereby reducing lead times, minimising mistakes during the sorting process and ensuring a closed loop for cores in a sustainable manner. Its dealer return platform for reverse logistics saves costs and time for dealers but also offers them more transparency and simplicity in their daily work, the company insists.

The company’s aim is to allow customers to adjust their aftersales parts portfolio to the current aftermarket environment. Its IT solutions are designed to provide a fully transparent aftersales supply chain including core deposit systems and active management of return quotas, with reverse logistics management enabling firms to focus on forward parts sales while Encory manages everything else.

For further information visit their website or contact businessdevelopment@encory.com.

If you would like to see who else will be at Rematec Asia, check out the exhibitor list here.


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