APRA Europe to strengthen presence for members
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Apra europe to strengthen presence for members

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

New membership services and back office co-operation have been launched and will be led by Michael Haumann. APRA Europe chairman Daniel Koehler introduces him.

For this issue of ReMaTecNews, I am happy to announce another successful step on our long-term strategy of comprehensive membership services. We have recently installed a European membership service and back office, thus providing us with the necessary support to reach our goal of maximum and straightforward availability for any request. By taking this step, we anticipate a couple of advantages, not only for our Board of Directors but especially for our valuable members of APRA Europe:

1. One direct contact person for European members

2. Quick response times for members’ requests

3. Accelerated projects for APRA Europe

I believe we have now found the right person for this task, Michael Haumann. He is not a newcomer to remanufacturing - on the contrary, he has been involved internationally as a researcher, consultant and speaker. He started in Professor Rolf Steinhilper’s team in Bayreuth, Germany and has made a career within and for industrial companies - and now he is eager to support APRA Europe’s advancement. Let’s meet him…

Daniel Koehler: Michael, welcome back to the remanufacturing business!

Michael Haumann: Thank you, Daniel. In fact, it feels a little bit like returning to a point which is pretty familiar.

DK: Since our first talk about this membership service and back office co-operation, you have dipped back into our industry. Which changes have you recognised since your last contact?

MH: Many players which I knew from the past have evolved and become even more professional. Companies, organisations, exhibitions and the industry in general have a very firm position – also thanks to APRA’s as well as other partnering organisations’ efforts in terms of regulation. However, times are changing and industries are consolidating and so does reman. Therefore, some companies were closed, sold, merged or integrated into bigger organisations.

DK: Michael, after finishing your PhD on Variety Management in Remanufacturing, you decided to make a career outside reman. What exactly did you do?

MH: Based on my experience in optimizing businesses and industrial processes, I took over responsible positions in international companies. I was responsible for operational excellence activities, including US and Czech production plants. At the same time, I had been commissioned to take over responsibility for a couple of large investment projects within Europe. They ranged from early business planning, factory planning, financing and implementation to sustainability audits after successful ramp-up.

DK: So how come that you now do our membership services and back office?

MH: Two reasons: one, I have built up my own consulting business, giving me the freedom to decide which projects I follow and which not; two: after finding out that you were looking for someone, I thought I could support your hard work and striving for further advancing APRA Europe. I am bringing my experience of remanufacturing processes and companies as well as all the established venues.

DK: Indeed! You mentioned your consulting business, what is your focus?

MH: It is clearly on advancing SME companies and my personal mission is to offer both professional analysis and optimization concepts and at the same time provide full implementation support. My consulting services range from cost-cutting to business development by optimizing processes, structures and business strategy.

DK: Thank you for this interview. May we advance together APRA Europe, effectively.

MH: Thank you, Daniel. I am looking forward to this co-operation with you, the Board, the APRA members and all partners involved.

• APRA Europe membership services and back office can now be contacted by members and non-members directly. You can reach out to Michael at europe@apra.org


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