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How to valuate cores in financial accounting and more webinars to come

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

On 18 February, Peter Bartel, Vice Chairman of APRA Europe and Director Marketing & Engineering at Circular Solutions GmbH, presented a webinar on 'How to valuate cores in financial accounting'. The webinar is part of a new webinar series hosted by APRA Europe.

The correct financial evaluation of cores is of practical relevance to all companies which are acting in the field of remanufacturing and the circular economy business. By today, there are no generally valid guidelines available. However, the evaluation of the cores impacts the balance sheet of companies and therefore directly or indirectly the profit calculation.

More webinars

Every month, one of APRA's experts gives a webinar on a dedicated remanufacturing-related topic to provide insights into best practices. The webinars will cover a wide range of topics, from Operations to Financials, from Policy to Sustainability.

Covid-19 and Remanufacturing

On 24 March, Georgios Chatzinikolaou of STP-Parts presents a webinar on the impact of Covid-19.

"The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in numerous impacts on the environment. The global reduction in human activity such as the decline in planned travel has caused many regions to experience a large drop in air pollution. In Venice, water in the canals cleared and experienced greater water flow. As people stayed at home due to lock down, some animals have been spotted in cities. Sea turtles were spotted laying eggs on beaches they once avoided due to pollution. However, energy and climate expert Konstantinos Samaras states that ‘’a pandemic is the worst possible way to reduce emissions’’ and that ‘’technological, behavioral, and structural change is the best and only way to reduce emissions”. Such a technological change, as one of the best ways to reduce emissions, we could say is remanufacturing of auto parts. From all the above we can understand how important the reduction of emissions for the environment is and which positive impacts it has for the planet and humanity. With remanufacturing we save the environment by reducing CO2 equivalent emissions with a potential of millions of tons worldwide. We also save natural resources with up to 85% of raw material and about 55% of energy compared with new units. The webinar will examine the impacts of the pandemic on the environment and compare them with those of remanufacturing. The consequences of the Covid-19 crisis for reman and opportunities for the industry will also be discussed and analysed.”

NPI Optimisation

On 21 April “NPI Optimisation - a knowledge driven project” is presented by Lorenzo Gaspari of BORG Automotive Group

“Continuously introducing new references to the product catalogue is the independent remanufacturer way of securing the business of today and tomorrow. Doing it efficiently is definitely a challenge for a process that has many stakeholders and it is often dealing with the latest product technologies. To improve it, a clear direction has been set: investing in knowledge.”


APRA has intentionally limited the webinar duration to less than one hour, so that as many viewers as possible can join. Each webinar includes the speech of the expert followed by a Q&A where the interested audience can ask questions and discuss.

Should you be interested in attending free of charge, please contact and mention date of webinar, your name and company name.


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