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Battery remanufacturing in China

Thursday, 1 December 2022

Rematec spoke with Li Yuke, Deputy Chief Engineer of China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd. about battery remanufacturing in China.

The status of battery remanufacturing in China
Battery remanufacturing is a big trend, but it is still in the initial exploratory stage, and lacking professional industry data reports and other written content. BateAt present, Chinese domestic remanufacturing also pays high attention to batteries, and there are great calls for in-depth research in this aspect. What is the difference between battery remanufacturing technology and the remanufacturing of traditional mechanical products? Hopefully, the industry will produce some consensus voice soon.

What must the focus on battery remanufacturing be?
One of the existing solutions to battery reuse is Echelon Utilization, which is mainly used for energy storage and backup power supply. It works like, batteries retired from vehicles can be used for other scenarios. When we talk about car battery remanufacturing, there is an assumption that the remanufactured battery will still be used in the vehicle. Of course, it can be allowed to reduce the battery capacity to a certain extent on the premise of ensuring the same safety, and transfer from long-mileage battery vehicles to short-distance vehicles; Or for long-life batteries, after remanufacturing its service life is reduced, but still achieve a certain efficiency.

Indispensable models for battery remanufacturing
Remanufacturing requires the involvement of battery manufacturers and, by extension, OEMs. Now a lot of remanufacturing is done by third parties. Without the corresponding authorization and technical support, it is very difficult to complete the task of battery remanufacturing independently. The main body of battery remanufacturing will inevitably be traced back to the battery manufacturer.

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About Li Yuke
Li Yuke has been working at China Automotive Technology and Research Center since 2003 and is currently the Deputy Chief Engineer of China Automotive Strategy and Policy Research Center of China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., LTD.

He used to be the acceptance and evaluation expert of auto parts remanufacturing pilot enterprises of the National Development and Reform Commission and the evaluation expert of scrapped vehicle recycling, dismantling a,nd upgrading projects of the Ministry of Commerce. He won the third prize in the automobile industry Science and Technology Progress Award, the third prize in the National Environmental Protection Science and Technology Progress Award, and the title of the "12th Five-Year" Advanced Scientist in the Mechanical industry. Published more than 20 papers in the field of automobile recycling.

About China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd.

China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd. ( also known as CAIC Center) is a central enterprise directly under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, founded in 1985, is a comprehensive technology enterprise group with extensive influence in the domestic and foreign automotive industry.

CATIC Center has always adhered to the original intention of promoting the scientific and technological progress of China's automotive industry and the industry positioning of "independent, impartial and third-party", accumulated heavy technical strength, and built technical service capabilities covering the entire automotive industry chain and the whole life cycle with standardization, an industry think tank services, automotive product testing and certification, common and forward-looking technology research and development as the core. The business covers 10 major fields, including standardization, industry think tank, testing and testing, engineering technology R&D services, digitalization, engineering design, consulting services, certification business and strategic emerging business, and testing and evaluation, providing strong support for the development of China's automotive industry.

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