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FlexFuel: 'Regenerate, don't replace!

Thursday, 14 December 2023

Together with his team, Giuseppe Marmo and Paola Leonetti, Federico Bilzi, Country Manager of FlexFuel Italy explains the mission of the company, which is part of the French parent company FlexFuel Energy Development, a leader in the production and distribution of accessories and machinery with high technological standards for workshops. The company specializes in developing solutions for reducing fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.

What are your products, and how can your offering be defined as green?

First and foremost, we boast a hydrogen decarbonization machine, the Connect line, our flagship at the European level. The machine removes carbon deposits from the hot parts of the engine, restoring it to its original standards. We also have the Carbon line, automatic or semi-automatic machinery that acts on intake manifolds, injectors, and DPF. For example, the Carbon DPF, in cases where it is not possible to regenerate the Diesel Particulate Filter using the usual chemical methods, represents the system capable of regenerating it within 30 minutes. It is a unique machine, capable of solving a widespread issue in diesel cars today, which increasingly find their DPF clogged with substances that would otherwise be expelled. All of this is done with a careful consideration for environmental respect because regenerating the DPF is better than having to dispose of it in the environment and replace it with a new one.

In the Automotive field, what is the added value that your company can boast?

Being able to provide a highly technological product that solves the major issues present in the workshop. But the added value also lies in the service we offer, including marketing, communication, and consultancy, guiding the workshop to achieve maximum profit with the means we provide to them.

How do you see the current landscape of remanufacturing and the aftermarket in general?

With the advent of ecological transition and the inevitable shift to electric vehicles, we are facing a changing landscape with several question marks. As a company, we are indirectly involved in remanufacturing: we provide workshops with the opportunity not to dispose of a part but to recover it through a machine designed and distributed by us. An example of this is Carbon FAP. All within the circular economy. Our motto is: 'The part should not be replaced but regenerated!'

Where can we expect to see you showcasing your innovations?

First of all, we want to accentuate that it was during Autopromotec 2019 that we launched our company. It goes without saying that we couldn't miss Futurmotive this year, where the main players and workshops that may be interested in learning about our products and optimizing their work in terms of quality and economics are present.

We will participate in all the most important industry fairs, from Rematec (April 8-10, 2025) to Autopromotec (May 21-24, 2025), to Equip Auto (October 14-18, 2025).


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