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FPT Industrial at Rematec Amsterdam 2023! Innovation, sustainability and partnerships, are the three pillars of the global automotive company

Thursday, 1 June 2023

Sergio Carpentiere, FPT Industrial’s Vice President of Customer Service & Digital, presents the Iveco Group reman offer and what has driven the company to participate in Rematec Amsterdam 2023.

Iveco Group is a global automotive leader active in the Commercial and Specialty Vehicles, Powertrain, and related Financial Services areas, and it bases its strategy on the three pillars of innovation, sustainability and partnerships. Each of Iveco Group’s 8 brands is a major force in its own specific line of business. FPT Industrial is a global leader in advanced powertrain technologies offering a vast array of solutions in the agriculture, construction, marine, power generation, and commercial vehicles sectors.

Why Iveco Group is attending Rematec Amsterdam through FPT?

Since the engine is made up of the most complex components all the Reman business has been assigned to FPT to capitalize on its engine know-how (especially for upcoming electronic ones) and leverage all engineering functions support. FPT through the Customer Service department oversees product development, core collection, business development, quality and sales & marketing. Year after year, we increasingly realize how important the concept of reuse, recycling, and sustainability is.

We have always believed that offering remanufactured products can truly make a difference in terms of environmental impact without compromising quality and safety.

Our commitment to improving our environmental footprint is also reflected in the strategic sustainability goals merged into our Business Strategic Plan:

  • 75% of recycled water in plants worldwide (such as Iveco Group) by the end of 2026.
  • 100% of sold cores recovered by the end of 2030.
  • 15% of net turnover from spare parts generated by remanufactured components by the end of 2026.

This year, we wanted to take part in Rematec Amsterdam 2023 to showcase these values and better introduce our products to all those who will be visiting during this trade fair, as well as to meet our existing customers who already know us.

What is the technology and commercial strategy of FPT Industrial in the remanufacturing department?

Original Reman arises in our certified FPT plant as the result of a very comprehensive industrial remanufacturing process. It means regenerating components in order to make them perform as well as new parts. Only our official dedicated facility can guarantee such a level of quality in line with the latest Original Equipment specifications. We are committed to always adopting the most advanced technologies. For example, we recently acquired a new cleaning machine that does not require human assistance and allows us to speed up the process while improving accuracy.

Remanufacturing worn components (known as cores) reduces waste, reuses materials, and promotes the recycling of recoverable materials. Additionally, by avoiding the extraction of new raw materials, we reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Core regeneration is an industrial process that ensures the same performance standards as new components, triggering a virtuous cycle of saving raw materials and reducing landfill waste. This process provides customers with reliability and reduced vehicle downtime at competitive prices. 

FPT Industrial manages the entire regeneration process, from core collection from dealers to the storage of remanufactured products and their sale to end customers. As a result, our portfolio includes a complete range of genuine engines, engine components and other spare parts to cover the entire lifecycle of vehicles, along with a wide selection of regenerated components. This enables us to offer environmentally friendly products, quality equivalent to new parts, extended warranties, and good value for money. Remanufactured products save customers an average of 30% off the list price.

The circular economy is the key word! How can Original Reman remanufactured components be considered an added value for both customers and the environment?

FPT Industrial is committed to the 5R project, which involves returning sold cores to the parent company, after which they undergo one of the five predetermined processes:

  • Remanufacturing: the cores undergo a regeneration process.
  • Repair: the cores are repaired.
  • Reuse: the cores are still functional and are refurbished and sold to customers as used components.
  • Recovery: the cores are disassembled, and the raw materials are recovered by certified suppliers or reintegrated directly into the company's production cycle.
  • Recycle: the cores are ecologically disposed of by certified companies.

Remanufacturing a product is much more sustainable than mere recycling, as it saves energy and allows for the reuse of some of the discarded materials. In our plant, the water used for component cleaning is also reused for cleaning the facility itself, aligning the production cycle with the principles of the circular economy.

How does FPT Industrial's Customer Service envision its future and the future of remanufacturing on a global level?

In the coming years, we aim to reach an increasingly global market and further develop our technologies to make the remanufacturing process greener and fully meet the needs of customers who are becoming more conscious of sustainability and zero impact. We have already started working with partners to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030 in our plants and operations.

Another initiative we would like to present at Rematec is our partnership with Treedom to plant 500 trees in our MYFPT Original Reman forest, another way to support our commitment to sustainability.

Visit our booth at Rematec (08.440B) to get the chance to redeem a tree.


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